Process is the heart of our purpose

We believe the best results come from a commitment to good process, and we dedicate ourselves to the highest ideals of planning practice:

  • Rigorously gathering information important to good decisions.
  • Judiciously applying our expertise to formulate plans, policies and other products.
  • Engaging our insight to make logical and justifiable recommendations to our clients.

Our processes welcome diversity and respect the knowledge that comes from lived experience, acting as a type of expertise in planning practice. In doing so, we reduce the risk of unintended consequences. We strive to enhance knowledge and relationships, leaving our clients with new insight for future action. 

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How we put process to work for our clients

Solve. Inspire. Innovate.

Project examples (PDFs):

Insight gained through experience — our added value to our clients

Our specialized consulting service provides your community or company with valuable, evidence-based advice on a variety of planning, development, sustainability and engagement matters. 

No project is too big or too small. With all of our projects, we take a creative, progressive approach to our work, and remain rooted by common sense and practical solutions. Using technology and modern online services, we deliver your project efficiently and effectively, and our relationships and associations with high quality consultants in other fields provide you with a wide range of services.

Your project matters to us. We take ownership of your goals and objectives as if they were our own, and we know you will enjoy working with us because we bring enthusiasm to your team and project.

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Statements of Affirmation


Acknowledging that privilege enables our life of rich joy and beauty, we commit to act with compassion. We are motivated by a sense of justice for all, and commit to an equity-based (un)learning journey to gain clearer insight on actions necessary for a resilient, just and sustainable society. We will share these insights with colleagues, communities, and companies to contribute to collective impact.


We acknowledge the privilege afforded to us by the Treaties with First Nations in Canada and are grateful to share the land with them and those of the Métis Nation. We commit to Reconciliation — a process of continual learning, healing and new relationships with Indigenous individuals and communities.


Our business and our current lifestyle benefits from affordable access to clean air and water, good quality land and climate, and materials drawn from Earth’s natural systems. We commit to a journey of learning and action to bring our business and ourselves into sustainable alignment with Earth’s systems. The path to Sustainability has many benefits for our client communities and companies. We are committed to sharing what we know and learn about these benefits to help them in their own sustainability journey.


Nature is the engine of our economy and must therefore be protected and regenerated for the benefit of our communities, our clients, and the future of our business. We commit to discovering the many ways in which our business impacts Nature today. We will seek opportunities to help protect and regenerate Nature for the benefit of all.

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