Broad range of experience

Alan and Brenda have worked at senior professional and executive levels, with experience in public, private and non-profit organizations. This broad range of experience gives us expertise in a variety of specialized focus areas.

Broadway Bridge in Saskatoon during the winter with the Bessborough framed underneath one of the spans.

Complex issues

Wallace Insights can provide a unique perspective to understand complex issues from all points of view. See the boxes below for examples of complex topics we’ve tackled.


Experience with infill development, environmental programs, inter-municipal relations, major facility planning, and affordable housing has honed our skills in communication, negotiation, and sound analysis — skills necessary for calming outrage, engaging stakeholders in problem-solving, and coalescing support.


We live in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times, and communities and organizations need to address challenges they have not seen before. We study the wider trends and design solutions that have enough detail to help tame today’s risks while positioning for success into the future.

Policy gaps

Whether the context has changed or there is simply no precedent to help guide the way, we can draw from wisdom acquired over many decades to bring sound insights and illuminate a path forward.


Municipal and organizational finance models are becoming unsustainable, environmental regulations are becoming more stringent, and social inequality in our communities is holding back economic progress. Our diverse portfolio gives us confidence to help our clients find sustainable solutions.

A stormy purple sky over a flat prairie landscape.

The Wallace Insights team

Each person on the Wallace Insights team has different areas of expertise. Find out what sets us apart.

Meet our team
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