Welcome to the Virtual Open House!

Let’s Chat Future Land Use at a District Planning Café this Summer! Visit us at any of these engagement cafés:

  • 10AM to 1PM, June 2nd at the RM Paddockwood Office
  • 10AM to 1PM, June 3rd at the Christopher Lake Legion Hall
  • 2PM to 5PM, July 28th at the Lakeland Community BBQ (Lions Park, Spruce Point, Christopher Lake)
  • 4PM to 6PM, July 29th at the Elk Ridge Community BBQ (Resort Ball Room)

What Are Important Policies to Consider for the Future of the Region?

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Candle Lake

Christopher Lake

RM Paddockwood

Elk Ridge


Planning for the Future

Growth in the region means plans for the North Central Lakelands Planning District must be updated to recognize all that has changed and prepare for the future. 

Planning District members, including the RM of Paddockwood, District of Lakeland, Resort Village of Candle Lake, Resort Village of Elk Ridge and Village of Christopher Lake, have engaged Crosby Hanna & Associates and Wallace Insights to update the Official Community Plan for the District.

What’s the NC Lakelands Planning District?

What is an Official Community Plan?

The District Official Community Plan (DOCP) for North Central Lakelands contains policies to guide land use and community development based on community-identified priorities and goals. Policies contained within the DOCP enable communities, property owners, businesses and developers to make informed decisions and contribute positively to vibrancy, safety, self-reliance and sustainability. Topics covered by the updated DOCP will speak to growth management (e.g. residential, commercial, agricultural, etc.), community services and amenities, transportation, public works, environmental assets and opportunities, and risk management.

Watch the Introductory Video providing more detail about growth and trends!

What Are Next Steps In The Planning Process?

Come back often to see new video and information resources along with additional surveys and opportunities to have your say!

Monthly project updates will be available on this project webpage and provided in local newsletters (Vacationland News and The Wave).

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